IYT Diveboat Coxswain for experienced operators

Improve your maritime skills and knowledge

The Diveboat Coxswain Certification is the second level in a 3 step process towards Diveboat Master. This is a certification that can be attained either by a Diveboat Mate who has achieved the necessary sea-time and experience, or an experienced (proof required) diveboat operator who has never had a recognized credential.

This Diveboat Coxswain Certification is requirement for Dive Boat Captains who run the daily charters, day and night.



The Coxswain Upgrade Module consists of an online eLearning course available through IYT Worldwide (release November 2011) which raises the depth of knowledge in Compass Navigation, Charts, Tides, Night Navigation and Meteorology. Once completed, the candidate will be issued an eLearning certificate that entitles them to be assessed by a designated IYT/PADI Diveboat Coxswain Instructor/Assessor. The Coxswain Upgrade requires passing a written and practical exam.



International Yacht Training Worldwide will register and issue new Certificates of Competency elevating candidate to the IYT/PADI Diveboat Coxswain, IYT International Bareboat Skipper and IYT Powerboat Master/ICC <24m Coastal.



As part of the Diveboat Coxswain program, graduates will achieve the following recognized credentials/certificates:

·         IYT VHF Radio Operator Certificate of Competency

·         IYT Bareboat Skipper Power Certificate of Competency

·         International Certificate of Competency <24m Powerboat Coastal (ICC<24m Pwr)

·         IYT General Marine Engineering Certificate

·         IYT Small Powerboat & RIB Master Certificate of Competency - Recognized by the M.C.A.

·        IYT/PADI Diveboat Operations Specialist. Certificate is issued when the diving and nautical components are taken at     different schools, otherwise is a component of the Diveboat Coxswain Cert (also registers as a PADI Distinctive Specialty)

·         IYT Advanced Powerboat Master



Command of a power vessel and crew up to 24m/80ft in length up to 60 nm offshore in fair weather conditions (wind less than force 6 and wave height <3m) night and day.



·         Option 1

-    Experienced Vessel Operators who hold an Australian Coxswain rating, Australian TDM20307 (plus 200 nm sea time), or other recognized nautical credential that qualifies under STCW, IMO and IYT WW equivalency standards can apply for a waiver for some or all of the Diveboat Mate Nautical Components with proof of certification and experience. Please note that captains who qualify under their regional ratings and do not acquire an IYT certificate may be restricted to their national waters. Captains who qualify under their regional ratings who do not acquire an IYT certificate may be restricted to their national waters.

-    Candidate must take all of the Diveboat Mate components in which requirements are not met.

-    Regardless of equivalency, all candidates must complete the Diveboat Operations Specialist (DOS) course plus pass the International Certificate of Competency academic and practical test delivered by an authorized IYT WW Instructor.

·         Option 2
In the case of an experienced Diveboat operator with no recognized credentials, he/she can attain the IYT/PADI Diveboat Coxswain Certification via the experienced operator option:

-    The candidate must complete and pass all the online courses that make up the Diveboat Mate plus the Coxswain Upgrade Module.

-    Provide proper proof of experience (signed log or declaration of experience by supervisor/manager).

-    Pass the academic and practical exam delivered by an authorized IYT Worldwide Instructor.

What's included?

  • IYT/PADI diveboat Coxswain course
  • Certification fees
  • FREE internet access
  • Airport transfers
  • All training materials


For Admittance you must be :

- IYT/PADI Diveboat Mate certification

- PADI Divemaster (or equivalent RSTC level)

- Current first aid training Certificate

- Emergency Oxygen provider

- Logbook signed off by supervising captain verifying a minimum of:

 * 200 nautical miles command under supervision

 * 10 days at sea - accumulated 240 hours

 * 12 hours night watch

  Course Price:

  US$ 1000

  Extra fees payable to IYT:

  IYT Diveboat Coxswain e-learning registration fees:  US$ 249


  Course Dates:

  The IYT Diveboat Coxswain course can be taught all year round on any date, availability depending.

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