IYT Diveboat Master

Become a professional mariner!

The IYT/PADI Diveboat Master Certification represents the professional level of competency for operating a Diveboat.

The Diveboat Master certificate contains 2 very important elements that makes it a crossing-over point to the yachting industry:

1.     Master of Yachts Coastal / Mate 200 Tons - If the candidate is an American citizen and trains on U.S. soil at an approved IYT partner school, they can log additional sea time and qualify for the USCG 200 GT Master Captain's License. For details see that page of the website.

2.   STCW'95 - Personal Survival Techniques, Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities, Fire Prevention & Firefighting, Elementary First Aid & Proficiency in Security Awareness.

Experienced Diveboat Mate Command Certification holders can apply for the Diveboat Master training once they have adequate sea time and their PADI MSDT rating. The Master of Yachts 200 Tons academics can be studied via eLearning (in development stages) and the practical components during a required 5 day sea voyage through an approved IYT training facility.


STCW95 can be taken at any time prior to the Master of Yachts 200 Tons and is recommended early on at the Diveboat Mate or Command level. This opens a variety of employment opportunities within the Megayacht industry as a Divemaster/Crew.

Diveboat Masters can continue to log sea time and qualify for important and well paid positions on board Mega yachts plus fulfill the requirements necessary to become an IYT/PADI Diveboat Mate & Command Instructor/Assessor.



·         IYT Master of Yachts Coastal/Mate 200 Tons (5 day live aboard course)

·         STCW'95 Basic Safety Training (5 1/2 days total for 5 modules)

·         IYT/PADI Diveboat Operations Specialist (DOS) PADI Approved (3 days)




IYT Master of Yachts Coastal/Mate 200 Tons - A comprehensive live aboard course consisting of 6 days for sail or 5 days for power which includes the practical on the water examination. The course covers subjects such as navigational charts and publications, dead reckoning and estimated position, position fixing, tides, tidal levels and data, pilotage, safety at sea, meteorology and much more.


STCW'95 Basic Safety Training (Manila 2010) - This is the required certification for working on any vessel in the professional yachting industry and is in compliance to STCW '95 Code A-VI, Tables 1 through 4.

·         Personal Survival Techniques - (1 1/2 days) - covers theory and practical components such as emergency situations, evacuation, survival craft and rescue boats, personal lifesaving appliances, survival at sea, emergency radio equipment and helicopter assistance.

·         Fire Fighting & Fire Prevention - (2 days) - covers theory and practical components such as shipboard firefighting organization, elements of fire and explosion, types of ignition, fire and smoke detection, breathing apparatus use and automatic alarm system familiarization.

·         First Aid & CPR - (1 day) - covers theory and practical components regarding basic first aid and CPR in marine situations.

·         Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities - (1 day) - covers working relationships on board, health and hygiene, drugs and alcohol, shipboard management structure and responsibilities, emergencies and safe working practices, control of fatigue and marine environment awareness.

·         Proficiency in Security Awareness – (1/2 day) – covers security incidents, including piracy or armed robbery threat or attack and the procedures to follow when a security threat is recognized.


Diveboat Operations Specialist - This course will have been completed during the Diveboat Mate Program. For experienced mariners with their Master of Yachts Coastal 200 Tons or equivalent entering at this level, the DOS course will have to be completed prior to issuing the Diveboat Master Certificate.

What's included?

  • IYT/PADI diveboat master course
  • Certification fees
  • All training materials and equipment
  • Sea time logbook
  • IYT t-shirt
  • FREE internet access
  • Airport transfers


For Admittance you must be :

·         PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT)

·         PADI EFR Instructor

·         IYT/PADI Certificate (MOY Coastal Mate or higher or equivalent)

·         800 nautical miles total passage logged

·         25 days seatime

·         12 hours night command

·         Note - pre-requisite sea time experience must have been obtained within the last 5 years.

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