Accomodation / Student Housing

Go Pro Diving is happy to assist students with finding suitable accommodations across the island that fit their needs & Budgets. We can provide recommendations and also assist in securing preferential rates!!!

A preferred option for those with a Budget in mind is the very centrally located Major Rod’s. Go Pro Diving has locked in preferential rates with Major Rod’s for both individual accommodations or shared room options.


Major Rod’s Hostel is an old style, refurbished, 19th century building built by Major Rodriques Watler. It is located along the waterfront of George Town in Grand Cayman.

The waterfront is also the docking area for the many cruise ship tourists who visit the Cayman Islands on a daily basis. The entry and departures of these ships can be seen from the Hostel which is across the road from the ocean. The waterfront is adorned with Shops, Restaurants, Bars and a host of amenities to satisfy our welcomed guests of all nationalities.

Our staff are friendly and always available to tend to the many and varied requirements of our Guests.


Rooms / Facilities

Full catering and self-catering service / Wireless internet services / Cable TV


Individual Private Room

These rooms are available at Go Pro special rate of KYD350 per week


Shared Dorm Style accommodation

These rooms are available at Go Pro special rate of KYD210 per week


For reservation call now!
(345)- 925-9092