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About Staff

Ash Mcknight

PADI Course Director

Instructor Trainer in 20+ Specialties

EFR Instructor Trainer

IYT Instructor

Previous Career – Restaurant Industry

Ash Mcknight is the owner and PADI Course Director at Go Pro Cayman. Hailing from Tillsonburg in southern Ontario, Canada, Ash has lived on Grand Cayman for 26 years. He is a vastly experienced Instructor trainer and for the last 6 years Ash has been awarded the Platinum rating by PADI. This denotes the highest level in the PADI system and shows Ash’s dedication to teaching the PADI system of diver education.Ash is only one of a handful of PADI Course Directors that dedicate themselves 100% to Instructor Development. In other words, this is Ash's only job, working exclusively with the professional level training programs. Over the last 27 years of being a dive professional, Ash has trained thousands of PADI Divers and Instructors that are working all over the world. Besides conducting six IDC's in Caymans yearly, he also conducts pro training in the Dominican Republic and is also involved in cold water IDC programs in Pennsylvania, USA .


One of the things that Ash is most proud of is the fact that every single graduate of his programs have been able to find suitable employment after graduation. His vast amount of experience in the dive industry has allowed him to network with potential employers throughout the Caribbean from small operators to all inclusive resorts, liveaboards and the cruise ship industry. He's even got a few former candidates that are working on mega yachts! A job that he wishes he had himself sometimes!


Over the years many instructors that have decided to carry on with their continuing diver's education and work their way up to Course Director Level have staffed Ash's IDC programs. In fact, every student that Ash has recommended to PADI to be accepted into their Course Directors programs have been accepted, a testament on its own of the professional level of training that he provides since only about 70 candidates a year world wide are accepted into this program.


As a PADI Course Director Ash can offer you EFR Instructor Trainer, and a choice of 20 specialties to choose from. He is also a volunteer with the “Oceans for Youth” programs and run various programs in conjunction with the “Central Caribbean Marine Institute” located in Little Cayman. Ash is also one of the watersport representitives on the Cayman Island Tourism Association board.


You can contact Ash by emailing him at or phone 345-925-9092





Vinod Bondi



PADI Master Instructor



& Specialties Instructor


He is the Training coordinator at Go Pro Cayman. Oversees recreational courses, Long term Internships, IYT courses and STCW courses.


He hails from Calingapatnam on the eastern shores of south India. He has a degree in Decepton theory and micro expressions, diploma in Nautical Sciences and has sailed the world multiple times in merchant navy.In 2011, while taking a break in the Andaman & Nicobar Islands (India), he discovered a new passion, SCUBA.

He got trained in pristine waters of Indian part of Andaman Islands and got offered a job before even finishing his professional dive training as water sports guide for snorkeling and kayaking and worked his way up slowly.


For the following 3 years he worked his way up to PADI Staff Instructor, and became known for his special knack of spotting tiny, rare, and camouflage marine creatures that eluded the eye of most other divers.


Vinod’s regular working routine was highlighted by leading dives with Rajan, the famous swimming elephant, and supervising challenging overnight dive trips to the remote Barren Island, India’s only active volcano.

He is well know in Havelock, Andaman & Nicobar Islands as snorkeling freak for his day off adventure snorkeling around the island, snorkeling adistance of 18 Kms non-stop around Neil's cove, a salt water crocodiles infested area.He helped couple of other dive companies in India to start up and settle.

He has now travelled across the world to the Caymans with lots of experience and hopes of exploring a new part of the world, meeting new challenges, and sharing his knowledge and passion with other divers.

Contact Vinod today on +1 (345) 924-7354 or email him at









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